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Creating & Assigning Admin Users to Organizations
Creating & Assigning Admin Users to Organizations
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Another important aspect of an organization is the administrator. Administrators have control over the organization particularly in creating, editing, and deleting users, events, and a lot more. This tutorial will discuss how to add and assign a user as an administrator of an organization using the Sports Tracker web app.

Step 1: Click the Administrator Tab.

Step 2: To create an administrator, click on Create New button located at the top right of the page.

Step 3: Fill in the form with information about the Administrator, including the name, email address, username, and password, among others. Click Save once done.

Step 4: The user will now be saved and will now be displayed in the Administrators page.

Step 5: When assigning an administrator to a specific organization, go back to the Organizations tab.

Step 6: Find the organization where you want your admin to be assigned and click that organization.

Step 7: Click on the Administrator tab. Here we can see the Administrator Pool on the left side of the list which shows all possible administrators in this organization. Now drag a name in the Administrator Pool on the left side and drop it across the other side to the right under Assigned Administrators.

Step 8: The right side list will now be filled with your chosen administrator. You can now use this administrator to log in, import students, setting up events and everything that you would need.

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