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Entering Results for Time Based Events
Entering Results for Time Based Events
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This tutorial aims to show you how to entering results for time-based events using the Sports Tracker web app.

Step 1: To start entering results, select Meets tab and click on Meet Progress icon where you will enter the results.

Step 2: Inside the Meet dashboard, click on Events.

Step 3: Click on the Result Entry icon.

Step 4: This will display the Name and team of all participant of 100 meters events, field to enter the results. You can press the number in your keyboard to set high values like 99. By clicking Refresh Place all participants will be arranged according to their results and points.

Step 5: You can see that the participants now have score points and arranged in descending order. You can also check the boxes for DQ (disqualified) or DNF (did not finish), and there's also the red remove button if you want to remove that student from the list. The Export button is located below page beside the Save button. Click Save when done.

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