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Navigating the Meet Dashboard Post Event
Navigating the Meet Dashboard Post Event
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This tutorial aims to show you how to navigate the Meet Dashboard Post Event using the Sports Tracker web app. This is important in closing the meet and deciding which among the teams or players are awarded as winners.

Step 1: You can tell that the meet is finished by looking at the Meet Progress bar. Once the progress bar is filled your meet dashboard is almost finalized and you can used it to decide the champion students, champion teams, and many more.


Step 2: Go to Results tab > Champion Students. You can see that the champion students are listed down and grouped by age


Step 3: You can filter by Age or Show All.


Step 4: Go to Team Scores to see points accumulated by the teams.


Step 5: And finally, the bonus points that you have rewarded will also be included. Go to Bonus Points tab.


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