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Exporting PDF Results & Champions
Exporting PDF Results & Champions
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Another feature that is available in Sports Tracker is the ability to export results. This tutorial aims to show you how to export PDF results & champions using the Sports Tracker web app.

Step 1: Upon completion of your meet, you might want to download collection of results and store these in your offline archive. You can get this done by going to the Meet Progress then Result Exports.

Step 2: The very first option you have is to download All Results. Click on Generate. All Results lists every single event in order, participants, teams, time, and results and points.

Step 3: The next report is the Champion Students. This includes the age, gender, names of participants, teams, and points.

Step 4: Next is the Records Set, this report is the list of the records that are actually broken on that particular day. When you click on Team Scores, it will download a file that is similar to what team scores you see on the app. Click on Generate for Total Scores. This will give you the teams, gender, age groups, and how many points that are awarded to various section.


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