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Graduate Student Year Levels
Graduate Student Year Levels

How to deal with a new school year with your student lists.

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Sports Tracker has been designed to easily allow you to move students between different year levels without requiring you to delete and re-upload your student lists. 

Step 1: Visit the 'Students' section of your account.

Step 2: Click on Student Menu button then Graduate All.

Step 3: Once this step has been completed your students will have moved up one year level. Eg Year 7 students will now be shown as Year 8.

Step 4: At this stage you can commence import of new incoming students using the import process outlined here 

Step 5: If you wish to remove outgoing student year levels. You can achieve this by visiting the 'Students' section of your account and click on Student Menu button then Remove All.

Step 6: On the next screen you will be able to target the removal of specific groups of students from your account see below.

You will now have an up to date student list, ready for your new year carnivals.

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