Student Login Cards

Provide printable login cards for students to register for events and check results

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Student login cards are available in the student section of Sports Tracker & can be downloaded to PDF for easy printing, distribution & login. You can also download as excel file which is useful for doing mail merges of the data.

Here's how it works

1. Visit the student section of your organisation and click on Student Menu button then Student Login.

2. You can choose to download all students or specific year levels or age groups to PDF. The file is then instantly created and downloaded to your computer.

3. Once downloaded you can easily print the files and distribute these amongst your student population. We make this part super easy by allowing you to sort the PDF file by

Alphabetical entire school

Alphabetical age group

Alphabetical year level

4. To download as excel, go to Students > Student Menu > Student Login Excel

5. The login cards are about the size of a business card and include your school logo, the students login details and a link to - the student friendly portal for event registration.

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