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Progression to Next Levels
Automatically Progress Students to the Next Level Competition
Automatically Progress Students to the Next Level Competition

Use this feature to automate the movement between schools & regions using Sports Tracker

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Regional Side

  1. Create a new meet containing each of the events that will be conducted. 

  2. Visit the Meet Progress tab and click on the button 'Edit Regional' to see the dialog box below

3. At this stage you can enter the number of competitors each event will allow per incoming team/organisation.
4. Once completed selected 'Save' and take note of your meet ID number as this will be used on the feeder school side

Note: For the regional host, the edit button only appears when no results have been recorded.

Feeder Schools

  1. Visit the dashboard of a 'completed' meet that contains the results that will be used to progress students to the next level.

  2. Select the 'Progress Students to regional' button on the dashboard (this only appears once you've had all results captured)

  3. The following box appears asking you to enter a meet code, provided to you by your regional coordinator.  Enter this code and select 'Validate'

4. Once validated,  you will see a list the upcoming events and the students from your feeder meet whom are eligible for movement to the next levels.  Once happy, select 'Save' 

Important: To progress students to next level without 100% meet completion, go to Organization 'Settings' then select "Yes" to 'Always show "Progress to regional"'.

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