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Loop Lanes on Marshall Sheets
Loop Lanes on Marshall Sheets
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If you're not using the official heats and final feature inside Sports Tracker then you are probably adding all students from a respective year level or age group into a single event.

This means that all results can be recorded in one event and the app will determine the place getters and best performances across all entered. If you use this approach you will want to follow the steps below to ensure that the marshalling sheets you export for printing contain lane assignments for all competitors in the race that take into account the number of lanes you have.

To do this visit your organisation settings and modify maximum lanes for reporting to reflect the number of lanes you have at your swimming pool or athletics track.

This then means that when you complete a PDF export (reporting) your marshal sheets will have looped lanes like the below allowing your marshals to manage individual races out of a much larger group of students

Note: This feature makes sense to use if you're not using the heats & finals feature where students would be placed into smaller races in the app anyway. It's also worth mentioning that these lane allocations ONLY show up on the PDF report (not inside the app)

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