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Running a Hybrid Meet
Running a Hybrid Meet

Sports Tracker's hybrid meet approach, combining the flexibility of mobile and paper-based result capture

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In this guide, we will focus on running a hybrid meet, which is recommended for first-time users and schools that may not be ready to go fully paperless. A hybrid meet allows you to leverage both direct result entry on mobile devices for certain events and paper recording sheets for others, offering a manageable and flexible approach to result capturing.

Much of these recommendations are linked to the type of meet you are running and how you typically have students register for events.

Benefits of a Hybrid Meet

Running a hybrid meet offers several advantages:

  • A more manageable approach for schools that are not yet ready to go fully paperless

  • Flexibility in result recording methods allows you to tailor the process to your specific needs and the events.

  • Faster data entry and reduced errors can be achieved by utilising mobile devices for some events

  • Paper recording sheets can serve as a backup or be used for specific events where mobile devices may not be ideal.


Before the meet, decide which events will utilise mobile device result entry and which will use paper recording sheets. Train your staff and volunteers on using both methods to ensure they are comfortable and confident. This might include using a test meet so you can experience how this works.

A few things to think about

  • The mobile app ONLY allows result entry. It does not accomodate adding/removing participants. If you wish to anticipate major changes to events following there completion you are best to the web app (mobile, laptop)

  • Some events such as High Jump do not work on the mobile app, you will need to use the website either via mobile or laptop to view High Jump Recording.

  • Paper recording sheets have a place in meets still are are used by schools in fast paced events or where volunteers are used heavily.


On the day of the meet, set up the mobile devices with the Sports Tracker app at the designated events. Distribute paper recording sheets for the selected events and make sure staff and volunteers understand their assigned tasks.

Even our most advanced users have paper recording sheet backups available at the event incase of internet outages etc.

You can have as many people as possible entering results via the web and mobile apps. It makes little sense to have ONE device doing this which was the common way people worked in other software products in the past. We recommend scaling up result capture. This could be like the following

  • A central location where paper recording sheets go that contains 3-5 people working on laptops and the full web app

  • Mobile apps/mobile web being used at field events or with more competent staff. Scale this out over time

Future Meets: Moving Towards Mobile-First Result Entry

As your school becomes more comfortable using Sports Tracker and mobile devices for result entry, you may consider gradually increasing the use of mobile-first result entry in future meets. However, all of this depends on how you are running your meets. If you DO not pre register participants and have massive changes to start lists etc then you will need to use the website either via laptop/mobile.

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