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Using a RSS Reader App to follow Results
Using a RSS Reader App to follow Results

Streamline your sports event tracking with RSS Reader Apps! Get real-time updates and results in one place. Discover how in our new guide!

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RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a type of web feed that allows users and applications to access updates to websites in a standardised, computer-readable format. In the context of Sports Tracker, we provide a RSS feed for your sports events, making it incredibly easy to keep track of the latest results in real-time.

The Basics of RSS Reader Apps

RSS Reader Apps, also known as feed reader apps, are specifically designed to read RSS feeds. They check for new content at regular intervals, pulling in updates from the sites that you've chosen to follow. When it comes to tracking sports event results, this means you'll be able to see updates and changes the moment they happen, all conveniently collected in one place.

The advantage of an RSS Reader App is that it collates information from various sources, offering a streamlined and consolidated view of new content. In the context of Sports Tracker, this means having immediate access to the latest results from all the sports events that you are interested in.

Suggested Apps

We'll be recommending two apps - one for iOS and one for Android.

These apps are user-friendly and reliable, making it simple to stay up to date with your sports events.

How to Use the RSS Feed with the Reader Apps

Follow these steps to get started with your RSS feed:

  1. Locate the Feed URL from your Sports Tracker meet.

  2. Add this Feed URL into your chosen RSS Reader App.

To get the RSS feed, go to "Meet Progress" inside your meet and click on the RSS icon.


Using an RSS Reader App to follow results from your Sports Tracker meets simplifies and enhances the process of tracking sports event results. It keeps you updated with real-time information and eliminates the need to manually check for updates. Begin your journey of effortless tracking by following the above steps and unlock the full potential of Sports Tracker's new RSS feed feature.

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